1. Four young adults facing the fun with their arms around each oher

    Stepping Up for Siblings

    It’s undeniable that the sibling relationship is a special and often formative relationship within families. Whether that bond is close or complicated, the shared history, points of reference, and stories of growing up make the sibling bond precious. There can be an ache in children and youth who …Read More

  2. Closeup of young child in a red shirt playing with rainbow Playdoh

    Safety for the Whole Family

    Many families accessing services with Family Connections have histories of domestic violence. Often in those cases, the children have witnessed traumatizing altercations between their parents, but still love them both and want to spend time with each parent safely. Part of the work for our Case Mana…Read More

  3. Best Birthday Ever!

    “Best birthday ever,” Leianna squealed after her adoption was finalized by Judge Susan Blanco on her 11th birthday two Fridays ago. This day was 3 ½ years in the making, and quite a journey for Leianna and her two siblings, 6-year-old Matthew, and 8-year-old Dominaya. The trio of siblings were …Read More

  4. Boy running through field lined by trees

    CASA Spotlight: Erin

    Here at CASA of Larimer County, we’re constantly amazed by the creativity and commitment of our volunteers. We know that for many children and youth in the foster care system, their CASA volunteer is the one stable adult in their life. We also know that the connection those kiddos feel to their CA…Read More

  5. Working Together Works

    Across both of our child-serving programs, positive outcomes for children and youth who have experienced abuse and neglect is paramount. Over the past year, we've implemented new strategies within our programs to better support the kids we serve, and build better supports for their families, the vol…Read More

  6. Rebuilding Broken Bonds

    After not seeing her dad for several months, a young child was nervous about doing a supervised visit with him. When it came time for the visit, she decided she wasn't ready and choose to not see her dad. Her brother did the supervised visit and had a really fun time. The following week the little g…Read More

  7. Gaining Independence as a Foster Youth

    When a CASA was requested for Dylan, a 17 year-old, the Guardian ad Litem warned that he would be difficult to engage and this would be a tough case for a CASA. She described Dylan as being completely checked out, disinterested in school, friends, and other activities. Ashley was undeterred.  When …Read More

  8. Nurturing Families by Empowering Parents

    Last fall, the Harmony House case management team began piloting a new service-- a parent education program called Nurturing Skills for Families. The purpose of the program is to help families flourish by providing them skills and knowledge to help them parent more successfully. Parents work one-on-…Read More

  9. Finding a Family for a 12 year-old

    Johnny* entered foster care when he was three years old, after both of his parents were incarcerated. He was adopted by his grandma but reentered the system at 12 years old when she passed away. After several placements over only six months, Johnny was sent to a residential treatment center. Because…Read More

  10. The Missing Link

    Jamie was nervous about becoming a CASA volunteer. She didn't have a background in Human Services or lots of experience with kids, but she wanted to help. Would she really be able to make a difference for the children on her case? She didn't have to wait long to find out. Jamie was assigned to a cas…Read More

  11. Advocating Beyond the Courtroom

    When substance abuse and domestic violence made their home unsafe, two sisters (ages 12 and 7) were removed and placed with their grandparents. Their grandparents were in very poor health and unable to drive, which made managing the trauma and transition extra challenging for the children. The 12 ye…Read More

  12. Quality Time in a Safe Environment

    After criminal charges for her substance abuse, Angie was referred to Harmony House for supervised visitations with her children. She had several pending trials and was just getting sober. She and the children's father did not get along and were constantly in court fighting over custody. Visitations…Read More