1. A mother and two children paint at a table.

    Sweet Reunions

    The Family Connections team is proud to meet families wherever they are along their journeys to safe and nurturing connections. For many of the families accessing services through that program, kids and parents are enthusiastic to begin spending time together and often begin services after having sp…Read More

  2. Close up shot of child and adult hands working on a puzzle

    CASA’s Trauma Lens

    The field of child development has taken great strides toward a better understanding of how trauma impacts young brains and bodies in the past few decades. Notably, the first CDC-Kaiser Permanente ACE study was conducted in southern California from 1995 to 1997, and the continued scholarship surroun…Read More

  3. New Beginnings with Family Connections

    Some cases at the Family Connections program go through ups and downs over time, just like we all experience in our own families. The Reid* family first started supervised visitation back in 2018 where Haley, then aged 6, would visit with her dad, Stuart. This family sought out our services due to S…Read More

  4. Four young adults facing the fun with their arms around each oher

    Stepping Up for Siblings

    It’s undeniable that the sibling relationship is a special and often formative relationship within families. Whether that bond is close or complicated, the shared history, points of reference, and stories of growing up make the sibling bond precious. There can be an ache in children and youth who …Read More

  5. Light of Hope Reimagined and Resilient

    CASA of Larimer County’s (CLC's) annual Light of Hope virtual fundraiser was an incredible success! This year's event celebrated the outstanding work of our organization, recognized key people in our community, and raised money for vulnerable children. We heard a powerful statement from Aubrey abo…Read More

  6. Closeup of young child in a red shirt playing with rainbow Playdoh

    Safety for the Whole Family

    Many families accessing services with Family Connections have histories of domestic violence. Often in those cases, the children have witnessed traumatizing altercations between their parents, but still love them both and want to spend time with each parent safely. Part of the work for our Case Mana…Read More

  7. man making pancakes on the stove

    Together While Apart

    Advocating for a child's best interest inside and outside of the court is a tremendous responsibility, but it's just one part of what makes a CASA volunteer so incredible. At the most basic level, what a CASA provides for a child who has experienced the trauma of abuse or neglect is showing up, seei…Read More

  8. A father and daughter look at each other while decorating for Christmas

    Rekindling Connections

    Connection is a powerful thing, and families access our Family Connections services at a variety of different points along their journeys. Some families begin visitation or exchange services due to new conflicts at home, some begin services during a time of recovery from past trauma. Several years a…Read More

  9. Best Birthday Ever!

    “Best birthday ever,” Leianna squealed after her adoption was finalized by Judge Susan Blanco on her 11th birthday two Fridays ago. This day was 3 ½ years in the making, and quite a journey for Leianna and her two siblings, 6-year-old Matthew, and 8-year-old Dominaya. The trio of siblings were …Read More

  10. The Road to Emancipation

    Kyle* is a teenage boy who has been in foster care for many years. Like so many older youth in the system, he will likely “age out” of foster care. Without additional resources, he will officially emancipate as an adult when he turns 18. Unfortunately, that new freedom will come with all the cha…Read More

  11. A close-up shot of a father and son hugging

    Making Connections, Preserving Memories

    When we reflect on what makes our visitation and exchange program special, one of the first things that comes to mind is our Harmony House property. The historic farmhouse has been well lived-in and well-loved across its life, and is a big part of what sets our program apart. Families visiting here …Read More

  12. Boy running through field lined by trees

    CASA Spotlight: Erin

    Here at CASA of Larimer County, we’re constantly amazed by the creativity and commitment of our volunteers. We know that for many children and youth in the foster care system, their CASA volunteer is the one stable adult in their life. We also know that the connection those kiddos feel to their CA…Read More