1. First Group of 2019 CASA Volunteers Sworn In

    On Thursday, February 21st, 16 new CASA volunteers were sworn in by Judge Stephen Howard at the Larimer County Justice Center. Many families and friends were present as these individuals took an oath to serve some of our community's most vulnerable children. After completing a preference sheet ident…Read More

  2. Ottercares Closed2Open Event Benefits Harmony House

    On Thursday, February 21st, Otter Products closed its doors to open their hearts to Harmony House. They did so in parternership with the OtterCares Foundation, the charitable arm of Otter Products. Established in 2010, OtterCares believes that one young and inspired mind can change the world. They a…Read More

  3. A Promise to Return

    It was their "get to know you" meeting, and Bob thought that he was probably as nervous as Todd, the young man he had chosen to advocate for. Todd's  Foster Parents had invited him to their house for dinner, and Bob wasn't sure what to expect from the evening. After the family had finished the even…Read More

  4. A Perfect Gentleman

    It was their very first visit, and Jan was a bit nervous about the plans she had made to take Chase to the library, as his Foster Mom had informed her that he had been in time-out at school 16 times that week! Jan was pleasantly surprised by his behavior during their time together. Chase was a perfe…Read More

  5. A Team For Brie

    Brie knew that her Mom wasn’t taking the medicine that the Doctor gave her, because she was acting funny and talking really fast. One night she woke her from her bed and told her that they were in danger and had to leave right away. Brie was afraid and started to cry as her Mom hurried her into th…Read More

  6. New Staff: Meet Jennifer Entner

    For as far back as she can remember, Jennifer Entner has been a strong advocate for children. Having earned a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Colorado State University, she spent most of her professional career with non-profits focusing on children's causes, such as the Namaqua Center and t…Read More

  7. A Stranger Who Didn’t Let Them Down

    Felix and Giovanni never really had the opportunity to get to know their Dad, let alone form a relationship with him. As the older of the two brothers, Felix had some fuzzy memories of their Dad, but mostly they involved a lot of sleeping, yelling and promising to do things that they never ended up …Read More

  8. Ben’s Journey Home

    6 year-old Ben had already been through a lot when Jennifer was assigned as his CASA. Placed in foster care because his parents couldn’t adequately provide for his safety, Ben exhibited a lot of behavioral issues as a result of trauma he had endured during his first years of life. Shortly after be…Read More

  9. 17th Annual Artisan Fair Raises Funds for Harmony House

    On Saturday, December 1st, CASA of Larimer County held it's Annual Artisan Fair to raise funds to support the operation of Harmony House. Seventeen local artists participated in the event, which, coincidentally, is the number of years it has been taking place. Selling everything from delicious choco…Read More

  10. Chef Legacy Wine Dinner Raises Funds for Abused Children

    (Windsor, CO) – On Monday November 5th, 2018 forty-five community supporters attended the Chef Legacy Wine Dinner; a sold out exclusive fine dining experience at Windsor’s Chimney Park Restaurant & Bar. The event was a benefit for CASA of Larimer County.  “We are thrilled to collaborate w…Read More

  11. A family came back together.

    Two days after Christmas, Jordan’s mother called the police to report intruders in their home. She was seeing and hearing people coming in through the heater in her home. Jordan’s mother was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation, and a social worker came and took Jordan to a foste…Read More

  12. Give a Child a Brighter Future

    We would like to introduce you to Lily. Lily loves to read. Her CASA volunteer helped her get her own library card and now she has an unlimited supply of books. Lily is a bright, sweet, 9-year-old girl who loves kittens and “The Little Mermaid.” Many families are spending the holidays apart this…Read More