May 28th, 2019

We are pleased to announce our Harmony House program is piloting the Nurturing Parenting
Program (NPP) as a new service to support parents during supervised parenting time. NPP is an
evidence-based program that strengthens families by teaching positive parenting skills and has
been proven effective in preventing the recurrence of child abuse and neglect. The addition of
NPP to our supervised visitation program aims to help reduce the length of services and the need
for return services.

The program focuses on developing parent knowledge and skills in the following content areas:
*Appropriate Developmental Expectations of Children
*Discipline with Dignity
*Self-Awareness and Appropriate Family Roles
*Empowerment and Independence of Children

By assessing each parent’s beliefs and behaviors about parenting at the onset of the program, we
can tailor the competency-based lessons to each family’s specific needs. Lessons incorporate
trauma-informed language and practices to support and strengthen the parent-child bond. Each
lesson is 30 minutes and can precede supervised visitation or be embedded in the session. At the
conclusion of 10-15 weeks, parents are reassessed to measure improvements in these five content

We look forward to providing services that strengthen families in our communities. Please feel free
to contact us for more information about the program or to make referrals.