CASA of Larimer County provides a safe and home-like setting for supervised visitation for children and their non-custodial family members as well as a safe place for conflict-free exchanges for parents with shared custody at the Harmony House.  The Family Connections program allows families to enjoy meals together, play outside, work on art projects, and continue making memories in a place that feels like home while the safety of the child is our utmost priority.

The Family Connections Program also offers Nurturing Parenting Program (NPP) to support parents during supervised visitations.  NPP is an evidence-based program that strengthens families by teaching positive parenting skills and has been proven effective in preventing the recurrence of child abuse and neglect.  The addition of NPP to our supervised visitation program aims to help reduce the length of services and the need for return services.

The program focuses on developing parent knowledge and skills in the following content areas:

  • Appropriate Developmental Expectations of Children
  • Empathy
  • Discipline with Dignity
  • Self-Awareness and Appropriate Family Roles
  • Empowerment and Independence of Children

By assessing each parent’s beliefs and behaviors about parenting at the onset of the program, we can tailor the competency-based lessons to each family’s specific needs. Lessons incorporate trauma-informed language and practices to support and strengthen the parent-child bond. Each lesson is 20 minutes and can precede supervised visitation or be embedded in the session. At the conclusion of 10-15 weeks, parents are reassessed to measure improvements in these five content areas.

Are you interested in Family Connections Services?

Whether you are court-ordered for visitations or are just looking for a peaceful way to manage custody exchanges, our program serves families from all walks of life. We offer sliding fee scales for parents who provide proof of income and meet the qualifying guidelines as well as flexible hours to accommodate busy schedules. All new clients are required to complete an application and schedule a time with staff to drop off your application and fee. Once both parties have completed the application process, separate program orientations will be scheduled with each party to review the rules and policies for services.

Download the Client Application

Fees: $10 application fee, $45 orientation fee, $80 per visit, $24 per exchange

The Family Connections program is staffed by a caring and experienced team of professionals and trained volunteer supervisors. We are open Sunday through Friday with hours varying to accommodate work and school schedules. Every effort is made to accommodate the needs and schedules of the families in our programs. Our typical hours are late afternoon through late evening during the week, and Sunday late morning through late evening. Our team directly handles scheduling, rescheduling, and notifications of cancellations to reduce conflict between parties and to ensure everyone’s safety.

On the following holidays, Harmony House will be closed and no Supervised Visits or Exchanges will be scheduled:

  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • July 4th, Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day

We may close on Easter Sunday, the day after Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day depending on the availability of staff.
For the safety and confidentiality of the families we serve, we are open by appointment only. To find out more about our services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at 970-223-5966 or email us at