After not seeing her dad for several months, a young child was nervous about doing a supervised visit with him. When it came time for the visit, she decided she wasn’t ready and choose to not see her dad. Her brother did the supervised visit and had a really fun time. The following week the little girl said she was ready; she wanted to see her dad. She eased her way into the room. Dad asked her if he could move around in the room and she said yes. After a few minutes passed, the girl told Dad she shared with all her teachers that she was going to be a big girl and see her Dad today. The child told her Dad that she missed him a lot and even asked him for a hug! Her Dad wiped a tear from his eye and said nothing would make him happier.

The purpose of supervised visitations are to maintain and rebuild bonds between parents and children in a safe and healthy way. This is one of many successful stories that Harmony House staff have to share about our services.