When a CASA was requested for Dylan, a 17 year-old, the Guardian ad Litem warned that he would be difficult to engage and this would be a tough case for a CASA. She described Dylan as being completely checked out, disinterested in school, friends, and other activities.

Ashley was undeterred.  When she read Dylan’s story, she knew this child needed a CASA.  They met a few times and talked about what Dylan needed and wanted. What Dylan wanted was more independence and control of his life. Ashley helped him write a resume and get a library card.  She is currently helping Dylan get his birth certificate so that he can apply for a driving permit.  They are working to identify places where Dylan might be able to work.
Ashley attended the new CASA training, Fostering Futures, last month to learn more about helping our older youth in foster care.  She was able to identify new resources and tools which will help Dylan gain more of the control and independence he wants, as well as skills he will need as an adult.
Dylan has many obstacles in front of him, but he sees that Ashley is on his side.  He looks forward to their visits and knows that he has a voice in this difficult time.