1. From Listening to Advocating

    Glenda is a CASA volunteer serving on her third case.  "There is a saying, 'Be who you needed when you were younger.' That's why I advocate," says Glenda. Like many of our CASA volunteers, she has been a fierce advocate and in this month's mission moment, we share her story that exemplifies what it…Read More

  2. Ben’s Journey Home

    6 year-old Ben had already been through a lot when Jennifer was assigned as his CASA. Placed in foster care because his parents couldn’t adequately provide for his safety, Ben exhibited a lot of behavioral issues as a result of trauma he had endured during his first years of life. Shortly after be…Read More

  3. A Love for the Great Outdoors

    If you look at him today, you might describe 11-year-old Sam as a bright eyed and adventurous little boy. And while that may be true now, that has not always been the case. Sam spent most of his younger years scared. Not only did he grow up in a home where drinking was the norm, his parents also suf…Read More

  4. Mason Finds a Forever Mom

    Because of you, he will recover from trauma. For three long years, Mason wanted to be safe, have a permanent home, and to have a mom.   Mason’s case opened due to severe sexual abuse and both he and his sister were suffering from severe trauma. He changed foster homes several times, moved to dif…Read More

  5. So Many People; One Little Girl

    She can have a brighter future. Lacey was just one-year-old when she was removed from her parents due to domestic violence and substance abuse. Lacey’s father was incarcerated and her mother, Becky, struggled with sobriety and homelessness. Eva, a CASA volunteer, was assigned to Lacey’s case jus…Read More

  6. 2018 Keynote Speaker

    Good morning everyone! Thank you so much for having me! As Sabrina mentioned, my name is Courtney Walter. I grew up in Elizabeth, Colorado, which was once a small town, but now has a Walmart – which is big time in a town like that. My brother, Brandon, is 16 months younger than me and was and stil…Read More

  7. A Child’s Live Moves Forward

    My name is Will. I am 12 years old. I was nine years old when I met my CASA volunteer, Cheryl. My brothers, sisters and I didn’t have any place to live before that. When I was in foster care, I moved to 15 different homes in two years. Most of my brothers and sisters were adopted, but not me. My a…Read More

  8. “Every day, I long for the family I never knew.”

    "Every day, I long for the family I never knew." This was the powerful sentiment that a Loveland resident recently expressed to Annette Hoyt, our Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator. Annette met her while she was speaking with donors about our Un-Gala 2014 Auction. When she found out more about our p…Read More