Because of you, he will recover from trauma.

For three long years, Mason wanted to be safe, have a permanent home, and to have a mom.   Mason’s case opened due to severe sexual abuse and both he and his sister were suffering from severe trauma. He changed foster homes several times, moved to different schools, had three case workers, and eventually he and his sister were placed in separate foster homes.

Despite all these changes, CASA volunteer Joe, was by his side. When parental rights were terminated and the courts moved toward adoption, Joe was the only person who knew Mason’s full story because he was the one consistent adult throughout the case. Joe was able support and mentor the adoptive parents to keep them calm and confident as they endured the eight-month long adoption process.

It’s been two years since Mason was united with his adoptive family and his forever mom. Since then he has progressed 3 grade levels, his stutter is gone, and he is no longer diagnosed with learning disabilities. Mason’s sister was adopted into another family but he gets to see her often. Joe keeps in contact with the family and is happy to hear Mason call his adoptive mom, “Mom,” and to see Mason’s recovery from trauma.

Support from donors like you make it possible for us to recruit, train, and support CASA volunteers like Joe. You can make a difference for a child recovering from abuse by donating or becoming a CASA volunteer.