He can have a brighter future.

Cameron loves to take pictures. He has an old, hand-me-down camera that he brings everywhere he goes. He is a bright, gregarious, 10-year-old boy who loves dinosaurs and Star Wars.

Like so many children across the country, Cameron’s parents are struggling with addiction. After a painful few years of watching them spiral downward and lose the ability to care for him, he’s spending this December in foster care.

Cameron needs an advocate to show him care and compassion and to fight for his best interests while his parents get the help they need so he can safely return home. A CASA volunteer takes the time to get to know the child. To know the family. To learn what’s possible and what Cameron needs to heal. A CASA volunteer will be Cameron’s champion, asking tough questions and holding his parents—and the system—accountable.

We’re taking a stand for Cameron and every kid like him. We believe every child facing an uncertain future deserves to thrive.

You can make a meaningful and lasting impact this December with a gift to CASA of Larimer County. We are working to make sure every child in our community who has experienced abuse or neglect has a caring adult who will be there for them during this tough time, no matter what.

Help give children like Cameron the gift of a CASA volunteer. Because of you, he can thrive.