Congratulations to our newest group of advocates that were sworn in by Judge Stephen Howard on May 29th!  Swearing in means so much to those who have completed training and are ready to be assigned to a case so they can advocate for a child in Larimer County.

Swearing in occurs when potential volunteers have completed applications, interviews, background checks, as well as online and classroom training.  What does a CASA do once they have been sworn in and assigned to a case?

A CASA volunteer advocates for the best interests of children who have experienced abuse or neglect.  Here’s what that means.

Learn – CASA’s learn all they can about the child and his or her family life.

Engage – A CASA engages with the child(ren) on their case during regular weekly visits.

Recommend -A CASA speaks up for the child’s best interest in court. They make recommendations regarding the child’s placement and needed services, and monitor the child’s situation until the case is released by the court.

Collaborate -A CASA collaborates with others to ensure that necessary services are provided and are in the child’s best interest.

Report -A CASA reports what they have learned and observed to the court.

CASA training will resume in the Fall since we are taking the Summer off.  If you are interested in becoming a CASA, email for more details.