During a Saturday morning visitation, while the family finished their breakfast of pancakes and orange juice, the children told their Dad that they brought their toothbrushes and had one for him too! Dad showed the children how to brush every surface of their teeth, they laughed at the toothpaste around their mouths and made funny faces in the mirror. Harmony House Supervised Visitation services exist so parents can still be a part of instilling good health habits with their children.

The month of May is Supervised Visitation Awareness Month.  Supervised Visitation ensures that a child is able to maintain contact with a parent in a safe environment while issues are resolved when there are concerns for a child’s safety or well-being.  The Harmony House provides a safe and home-like setting for supervised visitation for children and their non-custodial family members as well as a safe place for conflict-free exchanges for parents with shared custody.  The house and grounds are integral to our services and set us apart from other organizations that may provide a similar service.  Families can explore the house together and use it much like they would as if it were their own home.  The Harmony House allows families to enjoy meals together, play outside, work on art projects; making memories in a place that feels like home with the safety of the child being the utmost priority.