Brie knew that her Mom wasn’t taking the medicine that the Doctor gave her, because she was acting funny and talking really fast. One night she woke her from her bed and told her that they were in danger and had to leave right away. Brie was afraid and started to cry as her Mom hurried her into the car. A police officer stopped them and ended up taking her Mom away in an ambulance to get better. Brie was told that she would be going to a foster home, as she had no other family.  She was relieved to learn that she could go to the same school and would not fall behind in her work. School was important to Brie, and she was a very good student.

While at the foster home, Brie met a bunch of people who referred to themselves as her team. There was a lawyer, a caseworker, and a CASA; an older woman who told her that she had been asked by a judge to keep an eye on her and make sure that she is okay. One day, her team came to have a special meeting. They had a surprise for her. Even though her Mom had told her that she didn’t have a Dad, her caseworker had found him! She told Brie that he very much wanted to meet her, and wondered how she felt about that. Brie had always dreamt of having a Dad! They all agreed to take things slowly while they both got to know each other, so the visits would be supervised, and sometimes her CASA would sit in too, just to make sure she was comfortable.

Six months later, Brie’s Mom is out of the hospital and taking her medicine again. Brie visits with her regularly, and sometimes they go out by themselves now. The caseworker says she will probably be able to go back home after the next court date. Brie also visits regularly with her CASA, who has helped her deal with all of the new feelings associated with having a Dad. She visits with him too! Those visits are starting to feel less and less awkward. He told her that he didn’t really know how to be a Dad, but that the caseworker had set him up with some parenting classes. Brie thinks her Daddy is a very good student.