It was their “get to know you” meeting, and Bob thought that he was probably as nervous as Todd, the young man he had chosen to advocate for. Todd’s  Foster Parents had invited him to their house for dinner, and Bob wasn’t sure what to expect from the evening. After the family had finished the evening meal, Bob and Todd convened in the living room, where Bob was shown his vast collection of miniature cars and airplanes. Todd asked Bob to pick his four favorites and said that he would do the same. He then suggested they each explain why the selected items were worthy of being favorites. They proceeded to talk about how each of the items were used and valued in the community. This led to an understanding between them that all things and all people have value, no matter what. They then played a game of dominoes, and Bob showed Todd a variation of the game called “chicken foot” in which a certain combination of four tiles resemble the three toes of a chicken. The evening ended with “high fives” and a promise to return.