A family is finally back together. Shylah, now age 10, is the oldest of three siblings, ages 6 and 4, who have been involved in the judicial and foster care systems several times due to her mother’s addiction to heroin. Every time a new case opened, Rebecca, the children’s grandmother fought for custody to keep her family together.

The fourth time a case was opened a CASA volunteer, Daniele, was assigned. By that time, Shylah had a negative view of both her parents and the system. Shylah was struggling to make positive choices at home and at school. Daniele said, “I think that my strongest support to Rebecca was to maintain positive and consistent role modeling to the children. I was also able to maintain honest, professional contact, and open communication as well as a unified front with Rebecca which was crucial to the children. We modeled a healthy lifestyle and appropriate behaviors. The children realized for themselves in their own time that Rebecca really cared about their safety and loved them.”

Rebecca and her attorney both strongly felt that the CASA volunteer made a huge difference in the case and with the kids. Rebecca stated that Daniele was an “excellent role model for the kids and they talk a lot about” her. Rebecca, who now has permanent custody of her three grandchildren, texted Daniele to say, “Thank you very much. I don’t know that I could have made it through without your support. I appreciate everything that you have done for the kids. I truly believe that your involvement has made all the difference in the world for them.”

This Mother’s Day we pause to remember and honor mothers of all kinds who give love and support. Your donations to CASA of Larimer County make it possible for us to help children recovering from abuse and neglect find a forever mom.

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