Two days after Christmas, Jordan’s mother called the police to report intruders in their home. She was seeing and hearing people coming in through the heater in her home. Jordan’s mother was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation, and a social worker came and took Jordan to a foster home.

When Carol was appointed as 6-year-old Jordan’s CASA volunteer, she gathered up armfuls of coloring books, crayons, and puzzles and went to visit him. He looked up with sad, tired eyes when she walked in. They played and talked for over an hour as Carol explained who she was and why she was there. When Carol asked Jordan what he wanted and he said,“To go home.”

While his mother received mental health supports, Jordan moved into foster home and then another.  Despite moving to three different foster homes, Carol showed up every time.  She was a consistent caring adult during his darkest hours.  During supervised visits with his mom, Carol could see the bond they had and how much they loved one another.  Eventually, Jordan was able to have overnight visitation and just before Thanksgiving, they were permanently reunited.

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