Collaboration is key to meeting the needs of all at-risk children in our community, so we are grateful for any opportunity to speak with like-minded organizations. Our friends over at Heart-Centered Counseling wrote a wonderful two-part profile on our organization. The first part of the profile deftly describes the Harmony House program, which provides a safe place in the community for conflict-free family interactions. The program addresses the intricacies of domestic crisis, an example of which is described in the profile.  Read Part 1 here

The second part of the profile tackles the triumphs and challenges of volunteering for our programs. The work that our volunteers perform for our CASA and Harmony House programs directly impacts the safety of abused and neglected children in our community. The children that we serve have all had difficult experiences and our volunteers step in at a critical time in their lives. Read Part 2 here

is a growing practice of therapists, directed by Carl Nassar, who’ve come together in Fort Collins to offer the best care available to those struggling with personal, relational, and mental health issues. They can be reached at or 970-498-0709.