casa child hand

When substance abuse and domestic violence made their home unsafe, two sisters (ages 12 and 7) were removed and placed with their grandparents. Their grandparents were in very poor health and unable to drive, which made managing the trauma and transition extra challenging for the children.

The 12 year-old struggled with feelings of abandonment and not belonging. This, in turn, affected every aspect of her life.

The children’s caring CASA volunteer, Margaret, made an immediate impact in their well-being. The CASA¬† advocated heavily for resources for the older child and was instrumental in getting her therapeutic services. When transportation became an issue, Margaret provided the 12 year-old transportation to and from appointments.

Over the course of a year-and-a-half, the relationship between CASA and children bloomed. Beyond becoming a trusting adult for these two girls, Margaret was able to help in many other ways. She was crucial in locating resources to support the children and their placement, like: transportation, tutoring, education, health resources surrounding the effects of 2nd hand smoke, and locating mental health professionals. After many months, the sisters were placed out of state. Even so, Margaret stayed in touch to be a voice of reassurance, and to ensure they were doing well.

CASA volunteers are the heart of CLC’s CASA program, and they go above and beyond in so many ways to advocate for children in transition.

*Names and identifying information has been changed to protect the confidentiality of the family.