Donations of supplies and materials make it possible for more money raised through fundraising to go straight to the children and the advocacy we provide. If you are interested in doing a collection drive for us we can always use:

  • Paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, tissues, copy paper)
  • Office/school supplies and backpacks
  • Gifts for children (new toys and books for birthdays and Christmas)
  • Seasonal activities for children (Summer: sunblock, sidewalk chalk, bug spray, basketball & soccer balls, etc… Winter: hot chocolate, new craft supplies, like new games)
  • Individually wrapped snacks
  • Cleaning supplies & dishes/cookware

Gift card drives are great and can be used for children’s needs/activities or maintenance/repairs to keep the property safe. We are always looking for appreciation gift certificates to thank our volunteers; free coffee, gas cards, gift cards to restaurants, beauty gift cards, and tickets to events.

Check out our wish list for in-kind donations here:

Target Wish List Amazon Wish List


Donations can be dropped off at the Harmony House located at 3105 E. Harmony Road Fort Collins, CO 80528.